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Introduction + FAQ

Just so you guys know, with the creation of this community I sort of broke my New Year's resolution. BUT since it's not really a fandom community it doesn't really count! Weeee. (FYI I am a sad person who has a tendency to create lj fandom communities sporadically and it eats my time).

The recent noitaminA news about the expansion and how accessible they are now excites me. On the other hand, I have gotten fond of the Anime no Chikara timeslot with original anime, I am enjoying Sora no Oto and looking forward to Senko no Nightraid. Any anime notable and not in these timeslot have their place here as well, since I don't exclude anything worth over drooling.

Therefore, noitamina_tv exists with the tagline "Contemporary HQ Anime Central".


What do we see here from noitaminA/AnC?
Press releases, news, general announcements, notable tweets, trailers, community promotions, etc.

What's other Contemporary HQ anime outside those timeslots?
This is rather difficult to say.
- a notable anime staff behind it or has something that distinguishes it from the masses. Something that makes it high quality. It does not depend much on the source in case of an adaption.
- Anything before 2005 is... probably outdated for this community. Even then I would like to keep the posts relative to the current season or year period. indie_anime might probably be a better alternative then.

What is acceptable to post here?
Anything that is relevant to anime with the above "qualifications". Mostly informative, but not excluded to that. However, anything specific like fanworks/episode discussions/spoilers/etc belong in their own fandom communities (it's what they're made for!), unless...

What if [insert noita/AnC/notable anime] has no fandom community?
Create one and promote it here. If the fandom is long buried/dead and creating one seems like overkill, and you want to share something, just post it here.

Any other questions?

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