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noitaminA and beyond...

Contemporary HQ Anime Central

ノイタミナ noitaminA
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Contemporary HQ Anime central
What is noitaminA?
Fail translation from website: "noitaminA is the anagram of the word Animation. In the same way the noitaminA timeslot wants to communicate these thoughts by broadcasting "anime with a twist" and Wikipedia says ...a Fuji Television programming block, devoted to anime "...". It was launched with the intention of expanding the target audience beyond the typical young male demographic etc etc. Starting from 2010, noitaminA has been expanded from a half hour to a full hour.

In the light of this positive news, noitamina_tv has been created.

Since original anime is a rarity these days, the community will feature updates on Anime no Chikara. This timeslot gathers together "spirited" creators to develop original animated stories into a television series.

In short, this is more or less a place to get the latest updates on all things noitaminA, Anime no Chikara as well as other notable contemporary anime.

Sometimes the series may be too small/obscure to have a community, in that case you're free to use this community as a refuge until it has its own fandom community.

Introduction + FAQ: if the above confuses you.
Titles index: a list of anime titles aired on noitaminA and Anime no Chikara, as well as the corresponding fandom communities.
indie_anime (for the dicussion of experimental/highly creative/artsy or underground/underrated anime.)